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Organise and track your five-a-side matches the easy way


Organisers - sign in and manage your 5-a-sides easily.


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by Duncan Gunn & Scott Alexander
create matches

schedule matches

set the match date and venue, invite the players and pick the teams

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pools of players

pools of players

invite your friends, easily manage who can play or join an existing pool

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player availabilty

player availability

players set their own availability, helping the organiser to pick the teams

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record you stats

record your stats

each player can record their goals, assists and vote for a player of the match

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create matches create matches

Choose the date, time and venue

Let your friends and teammates know the details of the match by setting where and when it is going to take place.

Assign a pool and send an invitation

Assign a pool of players to a match and they will automatically sent an email inviting them to set their availability.

Organisers pick the teams

Once the responses are in, the organiser can pick the teams using the drag-and-drop or one-click interface. Players in that pool can view the match and check out the teams.

create matches

pools of players pools of players

Create your own pool of players

Invite your friends and teammates to join your pool via email. If you are the organiser of multiple teams, then you can set up multiple pools.

Join a pool

Have you been sent an email to join a pool? Then visit the app and enter the code to join. You will then be notified about all future matches for that pool.

Manage a pool

Manage and update your pools whenever you like, check the players assigned, add new players, remove players, leave a pool - it's up to you!

Pools of players

player availabilty player availabilty

One Click Availability Button

Not everyone has lots of time to fill in lots of details, so we created a one-click availability button that allows players quickly reply to a match invitation.

Who’s playing this week?

In the pre-match page is a list of all available players for that match, allowing the organiser to quickly and easily pick the teams.

Match information

The date, time and venue is clearly displayed next to the availability button so you dont have to jump through other screens for the important information.


record you stats record your stats

Record Goals and Assists

After a match, players can login and enter how many goals they scored and set-up for their team.

Vote for a player of a match

Each player gets a player of the match vote, the player with the highest number votes get the player of the match award.

Organiser has full control

The organiser of the match can edit any of the stats entered by players, enter stats for player that haven’t and enter their own stats.

Record your stats